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Do you require a service that takes care of something urgent, secure or bulky? Or perhaps you have a shipment with other unique needs? We offer time critical and freight services, as well as tailor-made solutions.

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UK Parcel Delivery

Next day delivery to almost every UK postcode

From only £3.04

FastLane® offers the best UK courier services. Our price comparison service enables you to avail of cheap UK courier delivery. And with FastLane® cheap parcel delivery does not mean any compromise on service. That’s because we vet every courier and shippers/agents and monitor their on-time delivery performance.

UK Next Day Delivery

  1. Door-to-door express UK delivery
  2. Or choose to drop off at a local shop
  3. Cheap UK delivery from only £3.08
  4. £40 free cover on your shipment*

UK Express Delivery

Next day delivery to 99% of 
UK postcodes.

Timed Delivery

Guaranteed Pre 9 AM, 
10:30 AM and noon delivery.

Drop-off and collection

Drop off or collect from more than 
20,000 locations across the UK.

UK Parcel Collection

We can collect same day from most UK postcodes, with booking as late as 3 PM in many areas.

Collections are normally made between 8 AM and 6 PM, . Don’t forget to have your shipping labels printed out ready, or you can upgrade while booking to have the courier bring labels with them.

We also offer a convenient drop-off and pick-up service from over 1,000 local shops, so you don’t have to wait home all day for the courier to arrive.

UK Delivery Services

UK deliveries are made between 8 AM and 7PM on working weekdays. We do also offer AM delivery services for special shipments.

Our couriers make three delivery attempts as standard, however some courier services only make one attempt. If your package hasn’t arrived by 4pm please contact us.

FastLane will not deliver without a signature, and we also can’s deliver to a third party unless specified by the consignee.

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FastLane® – delivering excellence at the best price

FastLane® offers global express delivery and economy delivery using the best global carriers at savings of up to 60%. We are one of the UK’s most trusted online couriers. 
So if you’re sending parcels abroad and prefer shipping with speed and safety, then you are at the right place, you can choose our shipment options, or request us to use couriers like DHL Express, MEEST, Russian Post, or TNTFastLane’s online price comparison service, enables you to compare the best prices and services available.

Our Destinations

We deliver to over 120 Countries Worldwide – from only £3.57

FastLane® offers delivery to over 120 countries worldwide, along with import services for worldwide collections returning to the UK and Turkey. We offer reliable door-to-door courier services provided by our  team of experienced supply chain professionals.
Whether you need express next day-delivery, or cheap economy delivery, FastLane® has a service to meet every budget.

It’s so easy to use FastLane®, get a quote, and compare prices from the world’s best carriers, at savings of up to 60%. Whether your sending a parcel to the USA, or a letter to China, FastLane® is your one stop delivery solution.

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Labels and shipping documents

Most of our international delivery services require you to have a printer to be able to print off your paperwork. If you don’t have a printer, we do have an upgrade option which you can choose when you obtain your quote. If you use the service our courier will bring pre-printed labels at pick-up.

Customs paperwork

If you’re sending a package outside of the EU, then your shipment will be subject to customs clearance. FastLane® will help you produce all the documents required for customs, all you need to do is tell us what you’re sending, how much is worth and why you’re sending it.

Packaging your items safely for International Delivery

When sending shipments abroad, your packages will be handled multiple times prior to delivery. They will also be loaded on aircraft, and generally experience the bumps and knocks which can come with international parcel delivery. Packaging your item safely for transportation is therefore the most important thing you can do to ensure hassle-free delivery.

1. Choose the right box

Use a strong box, ideally one that is double layered, and make sure the box is big enough for the contents. Cramming items into the box will weaken the strength of the box, and make your items more vulnerable to damage.

2. Packaging your item

Wrap each item individually with bubble wrap and make sure none of the items are touching the side of the box. Fill the box full of packaging material so the items cannot move around inside the box.

3. Taping your box

Use properclear packaging tape, and be generous! The more tape you use the stronger the box will become. Tape in all directions around the box making sure to cover all seams and joints.