FastLane® Track & Trace

Parcel Track and Trace

We provide real-time tracking updates for all FastLane® deliveries. If you want to track your parcel, simply enter one or more tracking numbers in the parcel tracking box below to see where your parcel is and its current delivery status.

You can also reschedule your delivery by filling out the Parcel reschedule form. We aim at delivering your parcel on a day and time convenient for you.

Enter the Consignment No.

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How do I tell if my shipment is delayed?

Every shipment will have a tracking status displayed when you track it. If the status is shown as ‘Exception’ then it means your package may be delayed.

What do I do if my shipment is delayed?

When you track your parcel, if the status is exception, we will normally display an additional advice message notifying you whether we need your help to resolve the delay. Often we will require feedback from the recipient, if this is the case then it’s worthwhile contacting them directly to speed things up.

If my package is delayed in another country should I contact FastLane® or the shipper?

If you see your international parcel tracking shows a delay in the destination country, we recommend the receiver contact FastLane® directly. However, if we are sending your parcel with another courier, then we advise you contact the third party courier, we will display the details of the delivering courier along with a link where you can obtain their phone number. If the consignor is our registered shipper, then we recommend you contact this party, please contact us for verification on the reliability of your shipper. If, however your sending a UK parcel delivery , we recommend you contact FastLane® directly.

Can my receiver also track my parcel?

Yes, if you enter the recipient’s email when you process the shipment on our website then we will automatically notify the recipient when the parcel is shipped and keep them updated if any delays occur. The email notification will also contain a parcel tracking link.

Can I track my parcel directly on the couriers tracking page?

When we are shipping with a third party courier, you can always track the package in the courier’s website. Here’s some useful links to some of our biggest partners: